B is for Boris; that’s Godunov for me

Inspired by listening to Opera for Dummies in the car, I’ve branched out into listening to a bit of opera.

And you know what? Modest Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov kicks ass. I only wish these mp3s I got from Usenet included a libretto. Oh well, copyright infringers can’t be choosers.



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2 responses to “B is for Boris; that’s Godunov for me

  1. anonymous

    Moussorgsky is by far my favorite composer – “Night on Bald Mountain” has definitely been on my music top ten list since about the age of 3. Back when we used to live together, I had you pegged as the Rachmaninov type =)

    // Michael

  2. sylvar

    He kicks ass too.

    Jodi was very funny in an annoying way when I was trying to listen to Rocky 2 on the radio. Every time the orchestra paused between movements she’d say “It’s over, can I change the channel yet?” — and when the next movement started, she insisted “This is a completely different song! You said you wanted to listen to the *last* song, not this one.”

    Amanda and I have since explained the concept of a piano concerto to her.

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