From the Boondocks to the Big Bad City

There’s an interesting article on the New Yorker site about the creator of “Boondocks”, one of my favorite comics. Here’s a sample:

As a talented young black man who is outspoken in his political convictions, McGruder has grown accustomed to inordinately high expectations. The Green Party called him last year, asking if he might like to run for President. He had to point out that he wasn’t old enough. “I want to do stuff that has a moral center—stuff that I can be proud of,” he continued. “But I’m not trying to be that guy, the political voice of young black America, because then you have to sort of be a responsible grownup, for lack of a better word. And it’s like—you know, Flip Wilson said this, he said, ‘I reserve the right to be a nigger.’ And I absolutely do, at all times.”

I didn’t realize, until this article pointed it out, that the “Boondocks” characters are drawn manga-style, with big eyes and foreheads. (Especially big eyes on the annoyingly innocent white girl.) It just completely escaped my notice — I guess I’ve gotten used to it.


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