I was buying a wireless USB adapter the other day at CompUSA when a guy in a Belkin shirt tried to Chewlies me into buying a Belkin equivalent.

“You know, they’ve got a thirty-dollar rebate on the Belkin wireless adapter.”

“Oh yeah? How much is it?”

“Well, it’s thirty dollars off. That Netgear thing only has a ten-dollar rebate.”

“But what’s the final price?”

“Forty dollars.”

“Well, then this would be cheaper then, wouldn’t it? Is this what you do? You’re a switcher? People come in and buy someone else’s products and you try to get them to switch to Belkin?”

“You, uh, could put it that way, yeah.”


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  1. h_postmortemus


    Man, that figures. Belkin’s shit is so overpriced.

    I recently bought a firewire card from CompUSA (which is thoroughly in bed with Belkin). It was packaged to look like a generic “business” type component but was really Belkin.

    Ended up corrupting my hard drive. Near as I can tell without additional testing, the amount of RF it through out caused data issues with my drives.

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