So… very… tired…

I’ve been getting about 5 hours of sleep every night and it’s driving me nuts. I even tried to take tomorrow off as a sick day so I can catch up on my sleep but they won’t let me. Last night I was shrieking and crying and giggling and pretty much cracking up — because I get home at about 2am to find out that a cat had puked in the bedsheets. Probably Pied; she’s a bit bulimic… Didn’t even notice it until I had the lights off and I slid into bed.

So I got that cleaned up and finally got to sleep. My psychiatrist told me to get more sleep but the boss won’t let me. (The worst part is that I’d probably make the same decision — I’m the only one left of an original team of three. One quit, one’s on vacation and one’s me.) I can’t skip the premarital counseling tonight, and I’ll be moving Jodi out of her apartment as soon as someone signs a sublease. (Possibly tonight.) After that it’ll be time to move us into the new place. (This may be the best part though, because and , bless them, are available to help us move. If I could hire them to sleep for me, I would.) I can’t see there being less stress until after closing on March 12, although maybe I’ll get eight or more hours of sleep one of these nights.

Oh, and one of my customers’ parent companies is spamming for them. Not through our network, but I got spam telling me I should get a degree from them. Wish I could spank ’em.

Mostly, I wish I could sleep.



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4 responses to “So… very… tired…

  1. fizzgig_bites

    Ummm… You NEED to sleep Ben, especially an ADDer.

    Leave work, get pre-marital, and go home and crash. Lease signing can be done by Jodi. Other stuff can be done by someone else. If not possible, schedule a night off from life and fight to keep it.

    If you screw up, which is likely, the cost is far worst than an evening’s work.

    The letter you sent me last night freaked me out. I got four hours of sleep. The letter I received this morning brought me great relief.

  2. sylvar

    No, I can’t leave work now, and the counseling happens after tho bible study, which starts with dinner at 6. I should be done with churchy stuff by 8:30 or 9, though, and in a best-case scenario I could get to bed at 10 and, with a really quick dash out the door in the morning, get up to 10 hours of sleep.

    The fact that has a car and is willing to help us will really be wonderful. And, to be quite honest, I haven’t even really been doing much with caffeine — so it’s an option any time I need a boost. I don’t LIKE using caffeine, but at least I don’t have a high tolerance built up right now. And I’ll use it any time I feel there’s any chance I’m not alert enough to do what I have to.

    I do not by any means consider it equivalent to sleep or health, but it’s not much different from putting my very last mortgage payment on a credit card so that I can move out, sell the place, and pay off that credit card. It’s fancy accounting, but I won’t lose sight of the real solution.

  3. segnbora

    Yipes, even nights of 8 hours’ sleep add up to “not enough” for me after a few days. If you have no plans for Thursday evening, how about you just go straight home from work and I can go keep Jodi company if she wants it (since I don’t have to go to work on Friday till noon).

  4. tregoweth

    If I could hire them to sleep for me, I would.

    Don’t be silly. I’d do it for free! :)

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