Opportunity rings the bell

The doorbell just rang. A real estate agent was there with potential buyers (our first!), and I hadn’t known they were coming because I’ve been working from home on a dialup connection, tying up the phone line.

I hastily threw on some appropriate clothes, grabbed keys and wallet and PDA, and politely let them in and myself out as quickly as possible.

So here I am at the library, having found my way to LiveJournal through their menu system (Information Gateway, Business & Finance, Bankrate.com, click “Mortgages”, and you get a window that you can type a new URL in), waiting a while before I go back home.

Good thing I shined my sink this week… thanks, FlyLady!



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2 responses to “Opportunity rings the bell

  1. cardinalximinez

    Whoot! And good luck!

    Don’t worry about being caught with your pants down, as it were. The agents have probably seen worse, and they’ll distract the buyers from it with much skill. If it’s even an issue.

  2. e_r_e_n_e_t_a

    Not you, too! First, my wife, and then… They’re everywhere!

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