Remember Mike de la Peña?

Well, he’s moving to Los Angeles in a road trip. He and Jason Persampieri visited us yesterday, and today they’re in New Orleans. I’ve been emailing Jason’s phone and he’s been texting me back, and I’ve been a sort of remote guide to the cool stuff they can do.

I recommended Café du Monde and gave them the address and phone number, and now they just sent me PHOTOS from Jason’s phone! America ganef!

Click on the thumbnails for the full-sized images:

Mike holding a beignet This is a beignet…

Mike holding a beignet This is a beignet when I’m hungry.

Any questions?

Ooo, I am so jealous — I’d like to be watching the sun set on New Orleans with a mug of chicory café au lait and a plate of beignets! But I gotta say: the Amish are wrong. Any technology that lets friends rehash jokes from 15 years ago, even when not together, is a Good Thing.



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2 responses to “Remember Mike de la Peña?

  1. cardinalximinez

    Man, that just sounds… so… cool…

    Next time you email them, tell Mike and Jason that I said hi, and that I wish them a safe trip, good luck, and a helluva lot of fun.

  2. fizzgig_bites


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