Since I’m not a regular participant in the lives of my words-l family, my questions about tithing surprised one friend, who said:

I must have missed something or assumed something, I thought you were Jewish.

Here follows my response.

Forgive a spiritual inventory:

My parents are a Christmas Catholic and a Hanukkah Jew, although their parents are/were more observant. I think my mother does the work of a saint (social work with high school students who are most at risk of dropping out, being kicked out, or getting themselves jailed or shot) and my dad is a non-denominational Good Person who, if he thinks about it, would probably conclude that there may or may not be a God, but either way we’d better help other people down here.

I went to Temple Israel (reform) occasionally, never had any coming-of-age ceremonies, and went to a Presbyterian high school youth group for boxball, snacks and the fun of arguing religion with a minister; I declared myself Christian in high school, and didn’t stop seeking other true things. I don’t value logical consistency per se in my religious beliefs: to paraphrase Bro. Walt, very well then, I contradict myself, God is large, God contains multitudes.

I know I feel at home among reform Jews, Unitarian-Universalists, Quakers, Presbyterians, and agnostics. There are probably other traditions that would seem right to me, too.



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2 responses to “From WORDS-L

  1. fizzgig_bites

    Sometimes it is truly scary how similar we are sometimes. Throw in some Buddhist and you’ve got me and my mom.

  2. sylvar

    I’d have thrown it in except that I don’t think I understand enough about Buddhism to claim that affiliation. What I’ve heard so far seems right, though. :)

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