Ft. Myers Beach

Wednesday I visited Ft. Myers Beach to run some Z39.50 performance tests on-site at a library with unusually high response times in Alleycat. Jodi came along, and once I had the laptop set up on the network and saw that cron was running tests at 15-minute intervals, we went to find some lunch.

We found some lunch at Francesco’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria, which has great stuff including (surprisingly) knishes, not normally an Italian specialty. The owner, a Butler County (near Pittsburgh) native, makes fresh mozzarella cheese; we also sampled, after hoagies, something that he spelled sfgogliatelle and pronounced shfol-ya-TELL-lee. I think he put an extra g in there, because I get much more hits on sfogliatelle (we shared one sfogliatella). It was a fillo pastry filled with something like soft cheesecake or really thick Boston cream, and bits of candied orange peel, and the whole thing was dusted with powdered sugar.

I had given up on ever finding something like Café Cola ever again, but I was thrilled to discover Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda, which is basically sweet carbonated coffee. It’s SO much better than it sounds. If I can’t order a case through the local pantheon-of-soda store, I’ll have to go back to Francesco’s sooner than I had planned.


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