Very Limited Democracy

So… I showed up at Jodi’s place after going to the chiropractor (I screwed up my neck and shoulders by repeatedly lifting a 50lb server to the top of the rack while a contractor tried to get the damn thing to boot).

And she wasn’t there.

I tried and ‘s place.

She wasn’t there.

So I found a pay phone and called her, and it turned out she was having dinner with them and Amanda at Steak ‘n Snake.

Not that I’m bitter — I just had some leftover vegies+dip, and that was fine. I’ll take her out for our date night some other night.

And afterwards? We cleaned and hung out and just generally had fun. (But not *too* much fun, more’s the pity.)

So Jodi’s mom showed up today with a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate fondant icing — a sample of our wedding cake. It’s goooood. And we discussed the possibility of Amanda being a groomsman. Groomschick. Whatever. Well, if she could be chairman, she can be a groomsman. And yes, she’d wear a tuxedo, ’cause otherwise she’d feel uncomfortable being <in drag>.

Jodi, her mom, and Amanda are all in her room and not all of them are fully dressed. I knew I should have set up a webcam a long time ago…

Tonight we’ll probably go to Lai Thai; we just came back from Indigo Coffee (yum!) and had stopped on the way back to pick up the wedding dress that Deb Bowen offered to lend us. I don’t get to see it at all until June 19, but I did notice the neckline and some embroidery through the garment bag when I hoisted it over my shoulder in front of the sun. (Totally not intentional. I *want* her to take the free dress and I don’t want her to get spooked by my seeing it. Besides, I’ve heard it looks great on her, and it’s lightweight, which is perfect for a bride of limited mobility who’ll be outdoors in a Florida summer.)

Valerian root stinks like shit, but it sure has helped un-spaz my neck and shoulder muscles. Highly recommended. I took 450mg last night and 900mg this morning and I’m 70% back to normal. Yay.


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  1. gardenwaltz

    jeff helped me make my dress. he saw the cloth before it was bleached, cut and sewn back together. i wouldn’t worry about a little peering at the hemline.

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