A song for the author of the W32.Sobig.F worm

To the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It”:

Oh, your mother is a seven-dollar whore (clap clap)
She will do it on a bed or on the floor (clap clap)
If I only had a buck
She would still give me a fuck
And your sister doesn’t charge me anymore. (clap clap)

Apparently this nasty piece of work (the worm, not its author) is going to try to get a new payload over the weekend and nobody knows what it is. The author seems to have anticipated that it would be analyzed before it could get its marching orders, so there are 20 or more sites that could provide those instructions, and any one of those sites can lead to thousands more. And nobody knows what on earth those instructions will be…



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5 responses to “A song for the author of the W32.Sobig.F worm

  1. tregoweth

    Go Chi-O!

    Oh, wait, sorry… :)

  2. myranda

    So that basically means don’t open ANY FRIGGIN’ ATTACHMENT in the next week or so?

    Just curious…


  3. sylvar

    You kiddin’? Just get antivirus software and keep it updated. Avoid Outlook or any other mail reader that displays HTML email (Yahoo webmail is okay). Don’t click on attachments unless you know what’s in them (i.e., someone has written an actual explanation like ‘Hey Lisa, it’s Ben, here’s photos from Beltane’).

  4. myranda

    I’m stuck with Outlook at work. :(

  5. sylvar

    Well then, make sure your IT department installs antivirus software on your machine, and make sure it updates itself frequently. Ask them to show you how to update it yourself, for when the next virus comes out ten days before your softvare feels like updating itself.

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