Jodi’s moved in — and out — and out again

After a whirlwind few days, I got Jodi home to Brandon, then we moved her in at her apartment complex. With only a few things left to do (bring up the UPS for the computer, etc.), it was time to get her packed up and out for her sorority’s pre-recruitment retreat (and procure a suitable housewarming gift). The sorority house looks great.

She’ll be at the retreat all week, and after a weekend’s respite will be doing the actual recruitment (“rush” is deprecated).

and were extremely helpful — thanks guys!

What Jodi doesn’t know is that her big sister has been planning to give her a lavaliere during this retreat — she set it up with me over the summer. And Jodi’s been looking forward to getting it, although she didn’t know when it would happen. It’s so nice to be able to keep a secret from the master secret-keeper!


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One response to “Jodi’s moved in — and out — and out again

  1. tregoweth

    Sure, it’s easy to keep an online secret when you conveniently forget the surge protector for Jodi’s new computer… :)

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