First Blood

This morning I took communion, which was a bit awkward because I had to mentally baptize myself first (I think my FCoC ordination by spit probably counts too), and then again because I spilled the drink onto my choir robe while trying to pass bread to the left and wine to the right at the same time as taking some of each for myself. And if that ain’t proof that God wants us to grow more arms, I don’t know what is… I guess that’s why the choir robes are red. By the time I got ‘backstage’, I could barely tell where the spill had been.

And then I gave some blood right back, since there was a bloodmobile outside. The first time I’d ever done that, too. It was somewhat more painful than a mosquito bite, as they use a moderately large needle (I’d say it was about the same as a deerfly bite). One of the staffers goes to church with one of my customers at the Largo Library, which is a bit of a coincidence since that’s about an hour’s drive from here. Pretty neat to see the connections between people just like that.

Blood in, blood out. Hehehe.


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  1. tealfroglette

    hey ours were not red, and darn good thing, i can’t do red with that synthes… drats i still can’t spell it! ;) esthetic, erg, i give up. i need to write it on a post it note and put it on the cabinet in front of the mini vaio to read! :)

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