Some various weird shit going though my head:

  • I woke up this morning with this thought: “Your mom’s such a cheap lay, I got a dollar off admission with a specially marked can of Pepsi and she gave me change.”
  • Lame haiku:
    Cool new site, you say?
    ‘Click here to get the plugin.’
    Fuck that noise. Duuude. Shiiit.
  • Reading the lectionary after watching B5: In the Beginning may cause you to hear the Psalms in Delenn’s voice. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, I hear many voices in the Psalms — season one G’Kar, season five G’Kar, Delenn… and sometimes I think God sounds like Zathras. “Zathras tell them, but nobody listen to Zathras.”
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One response to “130

  1. tregoweth

    Man, Jodi better come back soon — you’re cracking, man!

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