Oh, What A Night

Friday 6am: Unwisely, I wake up.

Friday 9am: I arrive at work for a meeting on content filters.

Friday noonish: I leave work, ostensibly to nap, but since I’m not in the least tired, I get my car’s oil changed and run some errands.

Friday 4:30pm: I arrive at work again. We’ll be moving all of our servers into one room. Contractors are already here to start installing the racks.

Friday 9pm: Beth Watson, our assistant director, brings Mountain Dew and pizza for everyone. God bless her.

Saturday 1am: Most of the heavy moving is done; only cabling is left. We’ve got our Internet connection back. I post a brief note to the vax-plus mailing list from our primary DNS server.

Saturday 4am: Our WAN is still down, and the Anywhere-Anytime Library server, a Sun Ultra Enterprise 450, won’t power up.

Saturday 6am: I call Lauren, my supervisor, to pass the baton. I can’t figure out either problem, and neither can my officemate Matt, who’s been here all night too.

Saturday 6:30am: I manage to find the bathroom and the bed, in that order, and fall asleep.

Epilogue: As soon as I woke up, around 4:30pm, I realized what was wrong with the WAN, but Lauren had already figured it out: we had swapped the cables. Each WIC on the WAN router was expecting to be connected to the other T1 line. The Sun server should have been parked before we moved it, but as nobody told us anything about it (and Lauren didn’t remember this until Sun reminded her of it during a troubleshooting call), nobody’s mad at us. Hell, the last time I heard about parking a computer, it was the late 1980s. So all is well, except for this one server, which should be fixed Monday (since we didn’t bother buying a 24/7 contract).

Then I went to the library to pick up something I’d requested, and it turned out to be huge: American Constitutional Law by Laurence Tribe, 1470 pages, and it’s only Volume One. Should be some fun reading.


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