Last bit of a dream…

I was standing outside in a street with a small class of fellow students, and a yougn teacher was quizzing us on Latin verbs. There was a large conjugation table chalked on the street, and we were supposed to go stand on whichever form we thought was correct. (I apparently got it right with 2nd person singular subjunctive, since it was a deponent verb.) And then she said “Now I’m going to teach you about long-E verbs” (-ēre verbs, I guess). “Who can tell me the Latin for ‘sky’? Lots of people murmured ‘skýere’, someone else made a slightly less retarded guess (‘skyēre’, probably), and after a second or two, I said: “Wait… Sky isn’t a verb! Trick question!”

Then the clock radio turned on in the middle of an Ottmar Liebert-sounding flamenco guitar song to wake me up, and I started thinking, as I got out of bed, what the HTML entity for ē was.


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