Today must have been New Hardware Day — I grabbed our new pimp-ass Relion 240, totally tricked out (over $6000) on the way over to Clearwater to discuss the project that we’re using it for. After lunch at Skyline Chili (they make a good beans-and-rice “chili” that’s great in their 5-Way, which means on spaghetti, under onions and cheese), I brought it to the library. Nobody had thought to bring a laptop, so I said “This server runs Linux; it can do anything you want.” Everyone seemed amazed that it could read the Windows floppy that our webmaster brought. It was a nice bit of evangelism. :)

And when I got back to the office, our loaner PacketShaper was waiting for me. It was a doddle to configure, and if I understand correctly, it just drops in between any two critical points on the network (once it’s been configured). So perhaps I’ll set that up one of these mornings. I’d better, as we only have it for 14 days.

The performance evaluation is actually not too bad — I’m finding I can document a grade of “Exceeds Expectations” far more often than I thought. I’ve had a busy year.



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2 responses to “120

  1. fizzgig_bites

    What do you think of Redhat 9.0? (I assume since its specs say Redhat 7.2 that is has the most current Redhat.)

  2. sylvar

    Red Hat 9.0 worked just fine. It didn’t boot into X, and I had to mount /mnt/floppy because it didn’t automount. I only got to use it a little while, though.

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