Ding dong, the Strom is dead

Strom Thurmond has finally kicked the bucket. Highlights from the Grey Lady:

He filibustered for over 24 hours to prevent a civil rights bill in 1957.

He said that “all the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, into our schools, our churches and our places of recreation and amusement.”

He was a consummate pork-barrel politician.

He labeled racial integration as a Communist plot and Freedom Riders “red pawns”.

“He was also known for fondling women in Senate elevators, including a woman who turned out to be a fellow senator, much to his surprise.”

Bill Frist said that Strom Thurmond had “a life really unmatched in public service.”

I hope so, Mr. Frist. I hope so.


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