Well, I finally came up with a bargain that Jodi couldn’t refuse. She let me buy Harry Potter and I promised to read it to her every night for an hour. (Free nights and weekends.)



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5 responses to “Hooray!

  1. foozini

    Every night for an hour? You are never going to finish it at that rate!

    (Well, OK…you will finish it…heck, I got it Saturday afternoon and I just finished it myself…)

  2. fizzgig_bites

    I have been doing a hour after Anna goes to bed each night. I’m on page 70. Maybe we will finish it about the time?

  3. sylvar

    Probably not — unless you read to yourself as slowly as I read out loud!

  4. gardenwaltz

    i think i’ve found one reason sylvia doesn’t seem to enjoy it when i read to her. i read really really fast and i think she’s afraid her mommy’s an auctioneer. must slow down, or get some more boring books. one of the seuss books i got for her i actually haven’t read yet and i found myself getting caught up in the plot.

  5. tealfroglette

    we bought a copy (one of the last on a full pallet) on sunday and toad’s been reading a few chapters aloud in his delightful british accent every night before bed.

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