Man, the early worm really gets the bird around here. I got up at 7 as usual, went up to the USF area, grabbed a fresh veggie sushi and a bottle of water at Publix, and headed for campus.

First off, I couldn’t buy a parking pass because the machine was broken. And Campus Rec was closed anyway, ’til 9. So I decided to go to Staples to get padded mailers to send CDs to and . You guessed it: closed ’til 9.

<whine voice=”Dante”>Fuuuck! I’m not even supposed to BE here today!</whine>



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2 responses to “93

  1. myranda

    Ooooo…what are you sending?? :D

    That reminds me, I owe you (Jodi that is) a CD.

  2. sylvar

    Music from B5, and the top 100 hits of several years in the 1990s. I’m not sending the B5 to Beth, just the hits. Figured you guys could take advantage of that for TFF.

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