This morning I went to church on a sudden urge (it’s Presbyterian, like the one up in Crafton Heights). The pastor was, as you might expect, smart and funny — she went off on a brief rant about academic standards for Presbyterian clergy which the group seemed to appreciate, and when a cell phone rang she said “If that’s God, tell Him I’ll call Him back” and then continued with the service.

I’d visited their website a month or two ago and decided I could probably improve the design, although I’m sure I wouldn’t have time to keep it updated. Anyway, here I was at the 10:30 service and dressed for the 8:15 service, though nobody seemed to mind. As I had two weeks ago, I sang along from the book and generally found or invented harmonies. If I keep going to this church, I’d better join the choir, if only for the practice — one of this morning’s hymns had the weirdest time (something like and nobody could get the hang of how many beats should be in each measure. I’m so thankful to the chorus teachers who taught me how to read music for myself and rehearse it quickly, especially Angela Alfonso. I would have been lost if I’d been musically illiterate.

Anyway, then I went to Home Depot, which was the reason I thought I’d left the house in the first place. I’ve got this really cool idea: it looks like a picture frame or a corkboard on the front of a medicine cabinet, only you pull the door *down* to reveal the computer’s scanner. The door becomes a shelf, like an ironing board or a Murphy bed. This way you’ve got the scanner right near the computer, but you don’t have to sacrifice any desk space and it’s pretty when it’s not in use. The scanner would be held down with bungees or something when stowed, and there’d be a hole in the base for the cables to run out of.

So I think it’s possible, only the cabinets they’ve got weigh over 30 pounds, and I’m leery of mounting that much on a single stud or, worse, drywall anchors. And I’d need to get some hinges and some way of holding the board horizontal (a thin wire on each side, like moat bridge chains, or something like the supports for a folding table).

I don’t think I have the skill to do this right, but if I can’t find anyone who can do it, I guess I’ll have to do it myself. I still haven’t decided what to put on the front — a mirror would come with most medicine cabinets, and a picture frame would be easy enough to add to wooden cabinets.

If you like working on projects like this, dear reader, please let me know. I’d hate to make a mess of it and have the whole thing come crashing down. Alternately, I could just buy a new thin scanner that would fit in my desk drawer, but that’s no fun.

No, wait, that is a lot of fun. I’m gonna measure this desk drawer and go get a $50 scanner — that’s no more than this project would probably cost, and it’s a nice scanner.

[Postscript: It wasn’t available in the store. Dammit.]

So as I was going to Home Depot, a woman clipped the back left corner of my car. (I was stopped just inside the parking lot; she was leaving and turned left too sharply, from too far back.) We’re both State Farm customers, so that’ll speed up the claims process. Just cosmetic damage, as far as anyone knows. Just a pain in the ass, not a pain in the neck.

News of the day: the Hatfields and the McCoys have signed a truce. Next week they’ll probably get a book deal and begin killing each other over whether it will be “The McCoys and the Hatfields” or “The Hatfields and the McCoys”, but this week, at least, hooray for peace!



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7 responses to “80

  1. cardinalximinez

    Since moving in, my drill and I have been very busy hanging things onto the walls.
    1) Drywall anchors come in a wide variety of strengths and designs. The large painting we used to have hanging in our living room in Port St. Lucie was hung with only two very heavy duty drywall screws.
    2) If that’s not enough, you can also get some “toggle bolts”. They’re normal bolts, but they come with nuts that are basically wing nuts with spring loaded joints. You drill a too large hole, thread the bolt through whatever you’re attaching, attach the nut, then force the nut through the hole. Once it’s through, it springs back open and never comes back out.

    I know you’ve changed your mind on the project, but I still felt the need to share that information. HTH.

  2. sylvar

    The last time I tried to use toggle bolts, I found sheet metal about an inch behind the drywall — so I couldn’t stick the toggle bolt far enough in. Feh.

  3. sylvar

    But how can you tell the difference between “a calling” and “voices in your head”?

  4. cardinalximinez

    I’m pretty sure that toggle bolts come in a variety of sizes. You could probably find something that would squeeze in between the drywall and sheet metal (probably a firewall)…

  5. cardinalximinez

    “a calling” generally doesn’t tell me to burn down the building.
    The voices in my head do all the time.


  6. fizzgig_bites

    Our big artwork that used to be behind the couch was hanging off two 50lbs. drywall anchor bolts.

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