I just took photos at the unveiling of a statue of Adela Hernandez Gonzmart (link goes to PDF), in front of the Columbia Restaurant. I got the marketing director’s card; I’ll send her copies of what I got. If there’s anything worth hooking up the scanner for, I may even post ’em here. Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio showed up briefly but was gone by the time I got around to looking for a shot of her.

Today I’ve got to find crutch tips and mail them to Jodi (apparently nobody up there sells ’em), or just get ’em online, and also find her a cute shirt for recruitment week. Suzanne will help me to make sure it’s cute by actual *girl* standards.

Last night as Jodi was telling me about a complicated network of relationships and conversations, a subject far too nuanced and interwoven for most guys to grok, it struck me that perhaps it’s not a Mars/Venus thing but just a neighboring-countries thing. I grew up in Truck Nation, but I wasn’t much of a patriot, and now I spend a lot of time in Doll Nation. I can say a few phrases in a bad accent, but that’s probably better than most of my countrymen.

Now I’m off to drop off a few rolls of photos, get my car washed, pick up the photos, and then swing by Suzanne’s. I missed a lot of doing-stuff this week while I was sick, and now that I’m back up to about 95% health (where’s that Small Medkit when you need one?), I’m getting as much done as possible.


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