Interview with the Fizzgig

You probably know the drill by now. If you want me to ask you five questions, add a comment to that effect.

Questions from :

  1. Being as intelligent as you are, how do you deal with the general population?
  2. My intelligence probably helps me find a way to bridge the gap between me and mundanes, neurotypicals, whatever you’d call ’em. I don’t speak their language (I’m kinda socially retarded — in elementary school, they called me severely gifted), but I can learn it pretty quickly by reading Tannen, Gray, etc.

  3. If you move to Atlanta or Pittsburgh, will you miss being so far from home? You will come see us, right?
  4. We were hoping y’all (or yinz, respectively) would come see us. :)

    Sure, I’ll miss being far from Florida — but mainly from all the VAXers and their parties. (I used to call Miami home, then Gainesville, then Tampa; now I think of myself as a Floridian first, social distinctions (male vegetarian pacifist liberal geek librarian cat-person etc., not in any particular order), and somewhere down the line an American — so even if I moved to Canada or Ireland, both of which would take me in within a year or two, most of where-I’m-from, where-I’m-at, would come with me.

  5. Do you think you and Jodi will adopt a child?
  6. I’d rather have a henhouse in my bedroom — it’s less expensive, less intrusive, and you can eat the eggs.

  7. Your biggest regret?
  8. Being such an asshole up through high school. (No comments from the peanut gallery, please.)

  9. Your happiest moment?
  10. What kind of happiness are we talking about?

    Proud joy: probably winning some sort of math trophy in high school, or getting my first crossword published, or having a native compliment me on my accent as I explained Italian double-consonants to my dad.

    Relief from a great worry: Jodi not being pregnant. (Stress knocked her off schedule.)

    Righteous satisfaction: learning that Daddy Bush et al. had been found guilty of war crimes.

    Physical joy: pick an orgasm, they’re all pretty good.



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2 responses to “Interview with the Fizzgig

  1. myranda

    1.What first drew you to Jodi?

    2.As you see it, what is your purpose in the Universe?

    3.Your most bittersweet VAX memory?

    4.The most irrational fear you’ve ever had?

  2. myranda

    Quid pro quo. :)

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