OK, I just cannot believe this is the first time I’ve been to Too damn funny.

I’m into season 4 of Babylon 5 now. Addictive.

I’m still sick (around 100° fever, chest and head stuffed like a cocktail olive, headache). I felt a cold coming on the morning I was heading to the airport, so I doubt it’s SARS but I might have passed it on to my cabinmates. That would suck. Except the guy who practically squoze me into the window cavity in order to get a bit of shoulder room for myself. He can get it too as far as I care.

Anyway, I’ve got an appointment tomorrow morning, my third day of sick time after a week and a half of personal leave. I’d better spam my photo to everyone at the office so nobody forgets who I am.

PS: compliment of the month at least, from #everything:
<@jm> holy shit. talking with Sylvar is like watching a Looney Tunes cartoon.



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  1. inlerah

    TROGDOOOOOR!!!! Burninating the countryside
    TROGDOOOOOR!!!! Burninating the peasants

    Heh. :)

    Er, anyway. Regarding B5, season 4 was what made me want to watch it. I need to apologize to Riffer and Del and others that tried to tell me way back in the day what I was missing. I specifically remember a day they came to screen an episode at UCET that someone (one of the guys I worked with, I forget his name now) had copped from somewhere before it had even aired on TV. I thought you were all freaks. I humbly apologize. :)

    When season 4 first aired, I had already moved back home from Gainesville. On our cable, B5, Voyager and DS9 all aired on channel 4. The way they had it set up, Voyager would air at 8pm, then B5 at 9pm, and DS9 would follow at 10pm and old re-runs of Next Gen would wrap up the night at 11pm. I used to grab dinner at 9pm, between ST shows. :) But, you see, often I wouldn’t bother to turn the channel, so B5 might be on in the background while I was getting dinner. This is how I eventually caught a couple of scenes here and there. Two that particularly stand out in my memory include Lyta leading everyone back to Z’ha’dum on the White Star. At the time, I had no clue what Z’ha’dum was, or what exactly was going on. But the scene made a huge impression on me. So did When the Rock Cries Out, No Hiding Place. (I know this is 3rd season, but I believe it was a repeat or something). That had a huge impact on me. The final blow was The Face of the Enemy. The scene between Bester and Garibaldi in the Mars travel tube gave me chills. It was at that moment I said to myself, ‘I have to see the rest of this. I need to know exactly what this scene means’. I said that because the scene had moved me so much, and–really–I had almost no clue what the hell was going on!

    Luckily, TNT came into the picture and started re-running the eps the following January. I watched (and taped) religiously. You say addictive. I used to say, back then, that B5 on TNT was like crack. :)

  2. gardenwaltz

    oooh, flash. sylvia loves flash! boom ba ba boom!

  3. sylvar

    Dammit, don’t spoil it for me. You mentioned two scenes that haven’t happened yet. Although with this crowd, it’s hard to tell what “yet” means…

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