PGH: McKees Rocks, A Bad Place To Be Lost, Boba Tea

Posted after returning from the trip.

So this morning I got directions from Uncle Pat (Jodi’s great-uncle Ray) to Leo Meyer Manor, the old-folks home where he lives.

The drive there was fun — it’s difficult to find the West End Bridge (you have to cruise around where the Warhol museum is, on the North Side, as far as I could tell) and then when we crossed it we saw an absurdly complicated road sign showing about six different directions in which you could drive to get to various streets.

He brought his oxygen purse, which has plenty of air (I was nervous about getting stranded or lost with a literal deadline). We went to Bob Evans; as Jodi and Pat kept talking, I excused myself to Staples to pick up a cute little pencil sharpener for my paper journal and my crossword books. Then I got distracted and went over to Media Play looking for more music for Jodi, but I wasn’t sure what exactly she’d asked for and I didn’t want to buy the wrong $30 double CD.

After lunch, we dropped Uncle Pat back off; he turned his sharp tongue to the woman teaching herself guitar by the driveway. She seemed nice enough to me, but I guess I didn’t have to listen to her practicing.

On the way home, I got somewhat lost in McKees Rocks, which Jodi has been told is a bad place to get lost. (The road we came in on was one-way, and there weren’t any signs that said “this way to Pittsburgh”.) I went into the library and asked for directions, and we were on our way. Didn’t see any reason to worry, but I guess you can get killed for your Air Jordans in any neighborhood, and Jodi was glad to get out of there. But on the way back, I saw a gorgeous view of downtown framed in the West End bridge, a view that will probably be impossible to photograph without serious risk. (No sidewalk, a mile or two from anywhere safe to stand… maybe in a small boat that could ferry me to the rocky “shoulder” between the Ohio and the road barrier?)

Later that night, we went to a restaurant called simply “Thai Cuisine”, where I had boba tea for the first time. It’s pretty good — Thai iced tea with tapioca balls at the bottom, and a straw with a diameter of about half an inch so you can suck up the tapioca while you drink the tea. I’m not sure this is the best boba tea I’ll ever have (the tapioca was a little too chewy for my taste), but I’m glad to have finally tried it after hearing a bunch of West Coasters talk about it for about a year.


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