PGH: Dormont, Haluski, Hoagie

Posted after returning from the trip.

I actually got to see Justin this morning on his way to the airport (he’s headed out on another tour — this boy *never* rests). Helped him throw a few bags in the car, and then he was off. Nice to see him again, though; that’s apparently more than some of the brothers and sisters get most of the time!

Jodi was off today, a welcome break from the rudeness she’s been getting. Not from her victims (she’s a telemarketer), but from her supervisor. They wouldn’t let anyone have personal belongings (so you can’t record anyone’s SSN etc. while getting them to apply for a credit card), but they pretended that it was gracious of them to let her have her inhaler. (Here’s a clue, fucknut: it’s the law.) Later they told her that since they don’t open the purse cabinet during breaks, she’d have to keep a maxipad on her desk so that she could use it on the short break they did give her. Today they put her in a “you’re not being pushy enough” reëducation camp, then sent her home early after only 10 minutes of practicing what they told her to do. (They’ve dicked her around on her schedule, too, telling everyone that the following day everyone should show up at 10, not 9, and then berating those who showed up on time because they were supposed to be there at 10:30, not 10.)

So today we caught the T (subway/trolley thingy) to Dormont, a beautiful township with its own magick/esoterica/bumpersticker store, and had lunch at a place Jodi really liked. This was the first time I had a hoagie, which by local custom is baked (you want a cold hoagie, you go to Subway). Half a one, actually, and haluski (ha-LOH-ski), which is noodles and cabbage, boiled. If this is Polish cuisine, I’m beginning to understand the jokes I heard in elementary school. Feh. Next time I’ll try pierogies. We also stopped back in at the Magic Box (or whatever it was called), petted the cat who runs the store with a human friend, and bought a magnet I’m going to give as a gift.

Back in Lawrenceville, I tried to arrange for a rental car that wouldn’t break the bank or my spine. I settled on a class smaller than full-size, which came out to about $40/day for four days. The office where I found this rate, however, didn’t serve the area I wanted a ride from, and the bus doesn’t go out there. (Never mind that it’s only about two miles away.) They suggested I call the Oakland office, which charged about $55/day. Eventually I arranged a ride out to the Etna office, tomorrow, that has the cheap car. We ordered a white pizza (more popular in Pittsburgh than in Florida for some reason) and had an early night of it.


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