Software doesn’t get released; it escapes

*gulp* Here goes nothing…

I’ve ‘officially’ released the barcodes-on-the-fly helper, version 0.2 under the GPL (source here) and submitted an announcement to Open Source Software for Libraries. I think that’s about as official as this stuff gets.

I’ve also been talking with the Koha GPLed library management system folks about how to make it useful for them.

Anyone got a good idea about how to make PDFs in Perl? I don’t understand PDF structure, and the docs for PDF::API2 don’t help much. Perhaps I should be using pdflib or making PostScript output, but I know even less about that stuff. I wonder how BookCrossing makes their serial-numbered stickers on the fly… I could try making the entire thing in gd and passing that image to PDF::API2, but then the resulting file would be huge. I’d prefer not to introduce new dependencies outside of CPAN modules, but if I have to, I have to.

Laying out the living room tonight, taking the train tomorrow morning. *yawn*


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  1. cardinalximinez

    Data point: there are such things as dedicated barcode label printers. You don’t actually generate an image of a barcode, you tell the printer what kind of barcode you want, and it generates it.

    HTH. HAND. Sorry for not mentioning this earlier.

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